Wellness for Children

Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids

Children wellness recovery stories begin here each day. ADD, ADHD, Asthma, allergies, autism, and autoimmune disorders are no longer the mysteries that they once were. Children across the world are breaking through the labels that formerly predisposed them to lifetimes full of symptom management.

We now understand that by addressing the core of each child’s unique illness, we can drastically improve their overall health and peel away the layers of damage that appear as autism, allergies or related disorders.

Healthy Digestive System: The Key to Well-Being

BEDROK helps you find the keys to re-discovering your own family’s well-being. We encourage you to begin by strengthening the digestive system, as described by Donna Gates in the Body Ecology Diet. Ms. Gates found that probiotic healing foods, like young coconut kefir and cultured vegetables reestablish the friendly bacteria that are necessary for overcoming the yeast, fungal and viral infections which afflict so many of our children.

Natural Therapy Help is Here

So, whether you’ve come here because you just received a frustrating diagnosis or you’ve spent years searching for answers – we welcome you. We extend our hope for your family’s wellness. We share our support and fellowship as you begin to embrace your own healing instincts. We help educate you on the latest modes of natural therapy that are working for us.

You are now in a place where stereotypes about your children no longer exist. Join us in our mission to heal all of our babies!