What Members Are Saying

I am supporting an important cause — recovering children, what could be more important? The world needs to hear this message. These children are effected now. We are having a global ecological crisis and everyone will soon need this information. What a great bunch of people on this board
– Felicity

Through bedrokcommunity I have received the encouragement and ideas to keep me on track with Body Ecology lifestyle. The recipes are outstanding with annotations from the Moms who created them!
– Sue

It was important for me to join Bedrok for several reasons. The Body Ecology Diet was one of the most important books I’ve read for my own health issues – it tied together so many things I’d been trying to put in place for myself. What I didn’t realize at the time is how important it would be for our youngest son. While not officially on the spectrum, he has some traits, had yeast issues, etc. Our own doctors were of absolutely no help – and we spent literally thousands out of pocket taking all of their tests. BED is only one part of the puzzle here and it can be a lot to assimilate especially when you’re homeschooling, running to tutors, classes, studying, etc. (and each of us has a list of other distractions some much longer than my own). Having the access to the board is amazing – inspiring success stories, seeing moms help each other gives me the push I need to keep plowing ahead. We’ve made such huge strides. Some of the “quirks” are long gone, some are drastically improved. We wanted to financially support a group that is helping children and their parents in such an important way – and it was a financial sacrifice to do so. The cookbook was such a great gift. The combining figured out for me (whew!) – creative ideas that I know my family will enjoy – it’s absolutely awesome
– Kathryn

Remember the days of small business? The BEDROK community is very special and much like the old days of receiving individualized care. Often my questions are answered in hours or a day that would otherwise take extensive research on my part. I feel very grateful to be part of this community
– Shannon

I love the far-more-direct and to-the-point advice. Nothing like busy moms to get right to the point! NO need to wait for an appointment or a return phone call… the BEDROK group is always there for you!
– Sara