Prevention Overview

Can Autism Be Prevented?

We believe it most certainly can! To prevent autism, a woman and her partner must prepare for their baby’s birth.

Both parents must cleanse out toxins even before conception and nourish their bodies with organic, nutrient-dense foods. They must both build a healthy inner ecosystem in their own intestines, and the woman in her birth canal, by consuming fermented foods and beverages. When healthy microflora colonize a woman’s intestines and birth canal, pathogens cannot live there. Her partner should take caution to also never pass pathogens to the mother of his child during times of intimacy. As we stated above, Body Ecologists do not believe that autism is exclusively an inherited disorder caused by a defective gene.

“After losing my first child to autism, I feared my second child would endure the same hard path. Body Ecology not only brought my first child back to me, and equipped me with a wealth of knowledge to have a healthy and easy delivery the second time around. Eating cultured vegetables, raw and undenatured foods, and adopting Body Ecology principles, keeps me and my whole family healthy and happy.” – A BEDROK mom from our Autistic Children’s Group

Rather, parents give birth to a normal yet vulnerable child who is “at risk” for the disorder and then watch as their child regresses. A complex sequence of events, including an acidic blood condition, nutritional deficiencies, ineffective and undernourished endocrine organs (especially the adrenals and thyroid, which are needed to provide energy to heal), an accumulation of environmental toxins inherited from previous generations, systemic infections (yeast and viral) and a lack of an inner ecosystem are all factors occurring simultaneously. Yet, all of these problems are correctable… some quickly, others requiring more time.

A gut-brain infection in the early stages of the disorder distances the child from his surroundings, and the goal of dietary intervention is to “bring him back to himself?” Well, with BEDROK our experience is that when the condition is caught early enough, a child comes back quickly. Then slowly but with certainty the child’s brain and body have to play “catch up” with those lost moments or years. But the body has a remarkable ability to heal and children have “seed power”…the energy to grow that seems to come from a Divine Unseen Force that created all life. Learning to trust in Nature again is a large part of the lesson in overcoming autism.

Healing your inner ecosystem before conceiving and focusing on creating a healthy inner ecosystem for your baby is critical for strong immunity.

Following the Body Ecology program is the way to build a healthy inner ecosystem.

Focus on fermented foods and drinks, like cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids for your health and throughout your baby’s life.

Fermented foods and drinks lay the foundation of healthy microflora (beneficial bacteria and yeast) that help boost your immunity and provide important vitamins and minerals.