Preventing Autism

While theories on the cause of autism are becoming more plentiful, one thing is clear – a better plan of treatment with our probiotic diet as the foundation is crucial and deserves our utmost attention. And perhaps even more importantly, we must also begin placing much more focus on prevention.

But can you find a way to prevent something when you believe that there is no known cause?

At Body Ecology we feel autism can be prevented. We believe it begins in the womb and that a fungal infection is playing a key role. Weakened immunity, the lack of an inner ecosystem, toxins accumulated over generations and detoxification pathways that don’t eliminate the toxins also is a factor as well.

It’s a hard cold fact but today’s parents-to-be are not very healthy and this is reflecting in their children.

70% of Americans have fungal infections (candida) and the parents conceiving children today will be passing this infection onto their baby. Since the Body Ecology program was designed to heal fungal, viral and bacterial infections, we have the premier approach for getting well BEFORE conceiving.

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