Interview with Wyndie Mileski: CBE & Loving Mother & Wife!

BEDROK interviewed a parent in the BEDROK community –  Wyndie, an active participant in the BEDROK family and also a Certified Body Ecologist!


BEDROK: “Hello Wyndie! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.”

Wyndie Mileski: “Hi! Oh, you’re most welcome!

BEDROK: “Great! Tell us a bit more about you and about your family.”

WM: “My name is Wyndie. I am a Certified Body Ecologist who has helped with the BEDROK forum for many years. I still occasionally stop in the Forum to offer any assistance; although I am currently focusing on building my business, “HUB Health,” where I specialize in helping individuals with issues such as Autism, gut health, & Candida overgrowth.”

BEDROK: “Wow! Well, first, we want to thank you for all the assistance you’ve provided BEDROK. We know there are so many families out there who participate in the Forum, and it’s so nice that you can help those families with their questions! Speaking of which, many come around to the Body Ecology Diet/BEDROK lifestyle because they have specific health concerns. Would you mind telling us what led you to the Body Ecology Diet?”

WM: “Autism brought me to the Body Ecology Diet.  We knew when my oldest was 4 that something was wrong. He was a wild lunatic who could not function in society; my middle child was non-verbal and completely withdrawn into her own world and my infant was already starting to show signs of dysfunction. When I first got my children’s diagnoses, I was given the standard “There’s really nothing you can do but get them on a waiting list for a group home when they’re older”.  That just didn’t work for me, and I went looking for answers.  I quickly learned that diet might help, so I started looking for the right one to fit our family. Every diet required perfect adherence to every aspect, with no room for uniqueness. My children’s allergies were varied and severe, and there was no diet I could have them on perfectly! Then my nutritionist told me about Body Ecology. I resisted because I thought it would be too hard. I mean, really! Making vegetables in mason jars and cracking open coconuts seemed like it was just going too far.  But in the end, the principle of uniqueness won me over.  On Body Ecology, I could do what my children could tolerate without feeling guilty. Step by step, we got ourselves on the diet and the healing began.”

BEDROK: “That’s such an inspiring story Wyndie. Also, so very true. Many parents first read the BED book and think the exact same thing – it can be so overwhelming! The great news is that Body Ecology now has a…and yes, we are shamelessly plugging it here because we have been waiting SO long for it to happen!!!…’BE101 Educational Course’ that they are offering that will help new families (and ones that need a refresher!) break the diet down and provide tutorials, videos, recipes, and other information that will make it much less overwhelming. The best part is that on our Facebook page, we have a contest going on right now that offers this entire course for FREE to the winner! (laughter) We are so excited about this, and have been literally telling everyone we know.”

WM: “REALLY?? Wow!! Yes, that has been a LONG time coming! I am always interested in learning more about Body Ecology and the fine details. I work with so many parents who would benefit from that information!”

BEDROK: “Awesome! Well, be sure to tell everyone…we can’t wait to announce the winner! Okay, so back to our questions we have for you….how has Body Ecology helped you reach the health goals you were seeking for yourself and your family?”

WM: “Well, my children no longer have Autism! They are quite neuro-typical now. No one who didn’t know them before even believes they ever had Autism!”

BEDROK: “See, and that’s just so amazing. We LOVE hearing stories like this, and we know how much it means to Donna. This is why she’s so passionate about helping families, because she sees the results that can happen from adapting the BE lifestyle! What is one thing you learned that you wish you had known when first starting the Body Ecology Diet?”

WM: “One thing? Hmmm….well, that parents need to take care of themselves. Eating the diet is not just important for the kids, but for the caretaker too. We endure stress that only other parents of special needs children can understand and if we’re going to make it through all the hard work, we have to take care of ourselves too. Since few of us feel we have any time to devote to ourselves, we have to nourish ourselves quickly sometimes! Learning to deep breathe is a very simple yet impactful way to take care of yourself.”

BEDROK: “We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! So many times, parents can put themselves on the “back burner,” and without them, their children wouldn’t be able to succeed. We also know how stressful it can be when starting your family on the BE diet. What foods did you first try to introduce to your family, and how successful were you at implementing the BED?”

WM: “I started with the Cultured Veggies.  I wanted to start with the YCK, but was intimidated by the coconuts.  (laughter) My first two coconuts sat on my counter and rotted because I was afraid of them.  Chopping up veggies sounded less difficult.  It wasn’t, but it’s where we started!

Getting the kids to eat them was VERY hard.  They hated the smell of them, the look of them, the feel of them, everything about them.  I locked myself in the bathroom and cried because I didn’t know how I was going to get these things in them!   So I decided to sit their favorite gluten-filled chicken nuggets on the stove and tell them they had to take just ONE bite of CV’s to get their nuggets.  Oh the drama!!!!  From all of us really.  They wailed and threw fits at the table, I’d clean up the mess they made throwing the CV’s around, then go lock myself in the bathroom for another good cry.  Next meal, we’d repeat that process.  It was pretty grueling.  But I knew that this was the key to helping them, so I did not cave in.  Finally, after a few days, THEY caved in and gagged one bite down.  Lots of excitement from me, some gluten-y nuggets to reward them and the next meal, they gagged another bite down.  The next day, they had to eat TWO bites of CV’s to get their nuggets.  More gagging and drama ensued, but they did it.  Next day, it was 3 bites…and from there we just continued until they were eating spoonfuls of CV’s and not even noticing there were no chicken nuggets nearby.  I quit buying their nuggets and started feeding them real foods as outlined in the BE.  It was gradual and sometimes they rebelled and decided they didn’t want to cooperate; but I was firm and they learned quickly to enjoy delicious and healing foods.  When I saw the lights come on in my daughter’s eyes, I knew then that we have found the key to their recovery!”

BEDROK: “Is it weird that we are getting a little teary eyed? (laughter) This story is so close to so MANY stories that we read, and we are so thankful to you that you’re sharing your own BEDROK story. This fills us with hope, and we are so grateful that you’ve chosen to share it with us!”

WM: “Don’t cry! (laughter) There were definitely ups and downs, but we’ve grown so much as a family, and we are so thankful for Donna and the BE lifestyle!”

BEDROK: “Okay, there are only two more questions! Do you have a favorite tip that you’d like to share with our readers?”

WM: “First, go slow, give yourself, your spouse and your children grace.  Body Ecology can seem intimidating.  It IS hard, but only in the beginning.  Embrace the Step by Step principle…it will help you keep your sanity!  Give yourself permission to clear your social schedule for a bit.  You will spend a lot of time in your kitchen adjusting to this new lifestyle of cooking and eating.  But it is only for a time, and then all the hard parts of BE become easy and you can resume your social life.

Second, just do it.  You don’t have to do it perfectly at first; but doing a hard diet is better than letting your child suffer needlessly.  I work with many parents who are afraid to do the hard things because they’re…well, hard!  And their child suffers with gut pain, neurological disorders and suffering we don’t even know about, but it CAN get better when addressed!”

BEDROK: “Yes! Such great advice! Last question Wyndie….What is one thing your child(ren) does(do) that shows the success of the BE diet?”

WM: “Only one thing??  That’s hard because there are many things in our lives that show the success of BE.  If I had to narrow it to one, I’d say it’s that my children LOVE real food.  We went from a lifestyle of Oreos, Pop Tarts and chicken nuggets, to meat, vegetables, fruit, good fats and gluten-free grains.  They value the ability to know where their food came from (the ground or the farmer!), know how to prepare it and understand that what they eat matters!”


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