Interview with Pamela Craig, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and CBE

BEDROK met with Pamela Craig (Head Certified BE Coach) to discuss why the Body Ecology lifestyle is so important to her!

BEDROK: “Good afternoon Pamela! We so appreciate you taking the time to speak with us – we know Donna must keep you very busy!”

Pamela Craig: “Good afternoon – and please, call me Pam! You are so welcome my love…it truly is an honor to be here talking with you this afternoon!”

BEDROK: “Pam it is then! (laughter) Tell us who you are Pam, and why Donna chose you to be the Head Certified Body Ecologist Coach!”

PC: “Well, I have quite a few titles behind my signature….I’m not only a Body Ecology Coach Consultant, but I’m also a Genomic Analysis Consultant with SmartDNA, a Holistic Health speaker, an I-ACT [International School for Colon Hydrotherapy] Certified Colon Hydrotherapist…I am a past President of I-ACT, and I’m also an Instructor for I-ACT, as well as co-owner of a school with my identical twin sister, Trishna, in Little Rock, Arkansas. I do have a Bachelor’s of Science degree and I owned and operated a successful Holistic Health and Colon Hydrotherapy center in Atlanta, GA for over 16 years. I have taught and promoted Body Ecology to my clients, consultees, and students for many years, and it is my greatest passion. As my consultation page says on the Body Ecology website, I firmly believe the importance of Body Ecology and Colon Hydrotherapy are integral to achieving true vitality of being.”

BEDROK: “Wow! You’re right – that’s a lot of titles! We actually asked Donna a few of these questions before, and would love to ask you the same, if you don’t mind…since you and Donna are so close, we wanted to know your answers, and how they may differ from Donna’s.”

PC: “Of course! What’s the next question?”

BEDROK: “Well, many come to the Body Ecology Diet/BEDROK for specific health concerns. What led you to the BE [Body Ecology] lifestyle?”

PC: (laughter) “That’s a long answer! I was a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist in Atlanta, GA; and in my Holistic Health Center – I was receiving clients that came to me as a result of reading the Body Ecology Diet book.  At the time, I wasn’t familiar with Donna’s work. My clients shared their experiences with the BE way of life. They were following the 7 Universal Principles of BE and enjoying delicious, nutritious foods and living happy healthy lives. They all agreed that Body Ecology  was so much more than the way you ate – they also said that Donna devoted an entire chapter of the book to colon cleansing. Immediately, I thought to myself how she was very cutting edge and that I needed to meet her. I attended her lecture in Atlanta…that led to attending many more of her talks, eventually meeting her, and I became a Certified Body Ecologist. For the last 20 years, she has been my mentor and my dear friend. I have worked closely with her, facilitating trainings, teachings, and doing Body Ecology and Genomic Analysis phone consultations.”

BEDROK: “That is amazing. It’s so lovely that the two of you are so close. That actually is a great segway into my next question…how has Body Ecology helped you reach the health goals you were seeking for yourself?”

PC: “Body Ecology helped me simply by using the seven universal Principles and making it a way of life. This has basically  addressed my main issue, which is ‘leaky gut syndrome.’ By following the seven principles, the candida in the colon- and throughout the body – will die off and it can leave the body through Colon Hydrotherapy.  Actually, to make it clearer – Colon Hydrotherapy and the seven principles of Body Ecology have been the main facilitators of my healing over the years.”

BEDROK: “What is one thing you learned from the BED that you wish you had known when first starting?”

PC: “Honestly? The importance of Donna Gates’ work. The sacrifices that she has made, and the path she has paved to teach about recreating an inner eco system – recreating the environment within which would then create the possibility of the body doing what it was designed to do naturally…which is heal itself. The Body Ecology diet ties it ALL together. There is no other diet like BE. BE is about creating a balance between the food groups and creating balance in the bloodstream by making it more alkaline. There’s no one like Donna Gates, and the knowledge that she has about food – about the intrinsic…well, down to the cellular level. She is the real deal when it comes to nutrition.

I know that I would not be here today, had I not been following Body Ecology and doing Colon Hydrotherpy. Body Ecology saved my life. I would be like most Americans – I wouldn’t have knowledge about the food, how it’s processed, or genetically engineered, or if it was organic. For instance, back then, I used to go to a fast food restaurant (which I would never do today) and get the fried fish sandwich because I thought it was healthier than the hamburger.  Our food has been industrialized, processed, and genetically engineered in order for the manufacturers of the food to add excito toxins, preservatives, additives, etc. that can deplete nutrients from the food and impair digestion. Digesting our food is crucial and of the utmost importance in order to fix the gut and create a healing environment within.

After meeting Donna, and learning the BED lifestyle, I have been fortunate to spend time with her personally. I remember when she would prepare a Body Ecology meal…on Wednesday nights she would have people in her home and teach them about food…this was long before people realized the value of food combining (for instance). I remember the night in Los Angeles when Donna created Young Coconut Kefir.  We drove to multiple stores searching for young coconuts, and how we went to a hardware store to find the perfect tool to open the coconuts. She realized the recipe for the Young Coconut Kefir in her own mind. She knew that even though the young coconuts were full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins; they also contained sugar. So she added kefir starter culture to the young coconut juice, whereby the healthy microflora would consume the sugar during the fermentation process. The result was a delicious and nutritious drink that is full of beneficial nutrients that can totally rebuild the inner eco system.  You know, I want to add to my answer.”

BEDROK: (laughter) “Okay, keep going! We are loving this story!”

PC: “I want to add to what she taught me about sugar. What I wish I had known all those years ago. I didn’t know the damage that sugar would do to the brain, to the heart. Cakes, desserts, candy bars, cookies etc.  – high glycemic carbohydrates are detrimental to our health as well because they can raise the blood sugar. The Body Ecology seed grains are low glycemic and are an important part of the diet.

There are detrimental effects of this poison called sugar.  Ill health can begin with high glycemic carbs, bread, processed foods, sugar. So I learned  that I could have  soaked millet, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa grains – and red potatoes – and that transformed my life. They satisfied my feeling that everyone has for carbs…as well as sugar.”

BEDROK: “This is so true. Yes, it is easier to feed your family – and yourself! – a pizza roll for dinner. When the kids are yelling, and you have a million things on your “to do” list…it is so difficult to get in the habit of preparing nourishing food and making that a priority. But we must prioritize good for the health of our families. Do you have a favorite tip that you’d like to share with our readers?”

PC: “Absolutely! I have so many…but, to keep in line with the sugar that I’ve been talking about…I also learned about hydrogenated oils and genetically engineered food. These oils – canola, corn, vegetable, soybean, peanut…those are the FIRST things you have to change if you want to get well. I was going to big restaurants eating salad with their salad dressings and thought I was being healthy. Salad dressings can contain genetically modified hydrogenated oils. When you go to the restaurants, they are cooking in that oil, that turns into trans fat. The body doesn’t know how to digest that fat, so it stores it. My biggest tip is to try your best to stay away from the bad oils. The one thing I’ve told my clients, my friends, my family…over and over…if you are reading the back of the label, and yet you don’t understand what’s in the food, walk away.”

BEDROK: “That is such FANTASTIC advice. I know that many of our parents will love these tips. One last question though – you’ve mentioned Colon Hydrotherapy in the course of our discussion several times. I know that a lot of our parents can be hesitant of enemas and colon cleansing. What encouragement can you give them?”

PC: “The main encouragement I can give is that colon cleansing is one of the most important modalities out there. I refer to Colon Hydrotherapy as the “angel of water” – colon cleansing is very simple, yet produces astounding results in the body as far as creating a way for yeast, parasite, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and undigested food to leave the body.

An enema is a very simple thing to do. It’s been done since the beginning of time – long before antibiotics came along. With enemas we are carrying on traditions that our past generations have participated in. You start with yourself as a parent and give yourself enemas to experience how easy it is to do and to experience how great you feel after eliminating those toxins through the enema. You can order a stainless steel enema bucket from the website Health and Yoga. They will send you an instruction guidebook to teach you how to give yourself an enema. After you do this for yourself a few times, you will be ready to give your children an enema. With the genetically modified foods that have been around for the past 20 years – the yeast infections that the children have today – well, I believe that colon cleansing is vital to their health.

Many children today suffer with allergies, respiratory infections, ear infections, digestive distress – even infants coming out of the womb are experiencing these conditions as newborns. An enema with purified or distilled water  will hydrate the colon, drown the yeast in the colon  and leave the body.  The enema is one of the best ways for toxins to leave the body. I believe in the effectiveness of enemas– and they are simple to do. Try it for yourself and you’ll see and feel the benefits!”

BEDROK: “Again, such great advice. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today – I know we could talk for hours! You are such a joy! Is there a way for parents to contact you if they have questions – wait, they could do a phone consultation with you, correct?”

PC: “Of course, just check out the Body Ecology website under “Consultation”. There’s more about me, and what I can offer there. I would love to help the parents. BEDROK is so dear to Donna’s heart, and through all the years I’ve known her, I know that she wants to help children, and she’s shown me how important it is to guide these families so they can live their best life.”

BEDROK: “Well, thank you again for taking the time to talk with us, and we may do a follow up with you in the coming weeks!”

PC: “Thank you! I truly enjoyed it!”

**The information given is not intended to diagnose or prescribe, but offer nutritional information only to help you to cooperate with your doctor in your mutual problem of building health. In the event you use this information without your primary care physician’s approval you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but we assume no responsibility.**