Get to Know Us Better

The BEDROK community began as a close-knit group of dedicated mothers on Yahoo’s message board. We were moms who needed to solve the mystery of our children’s autism. At the time we couldn’t find another place where it was okay to talk about recovering from the condition. We coined the term BEDROK as an acronym for Body Ecology Diet Recovering Our Kids. The BED focuses on conquering fungal, parasitic and viral infections by restoring immunity and detoxification pathways. Since most of our children were also suffering from candida  and/or metal poisoning, we began to see amazing results. Soon, we realized that this healing plan had great affects on children with all forms of allergies, digestive and auto immune disorders.

Several years and thousands of members later –we moved into this space so that we can serve more families in an organized way.  Our promise to you is HOPE, SUPPORT and EDUCATION throughout your journey to health.


The works of our great teachers, Donna Gates (the Body Ecology Diet); Sally Fallon, (Nourishing Traditions); Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride (“Gut and Psychology Syndrome”); and Dr. Leonard Smith (co author, “Gut Solutions”) have given us abundant scientific reason for hope of an autism cure. They’ve helped us to understand that undoing autism begins with repairing digestive function. Dr. Smith’s ground-breaking research on stem cell therapy continues creating possibilities for older children on the spectrum. And, our kids offer us more hope as we experience the undoing of their toxic symptoms.

Parents of recently diagnosed children must no longer be told that there is no cure for autism. We experience recovery daily. Our voices grow louder and our stories more profound as we reach out and extend this hope to you.


You were not meant to sustain the challenges of recovery alone. Pulling our children from the toxic world of autism, ADD, ADHD, GERD, learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, eczema, and sensory problems is a heavy task that requires support. Our community is made up of parents, educators, doctors, nurses, colon therapists, nutritionists and speech and occupational therapists who have pooled our resources to help one another find answers. We share all of our knowledge here, and we are not afraid to do extra research for the sake of one of our members. We have all experienced significant improvements with the BED and will guide you through this new way of healing at a pace that is comfortable for you.

BEDROK offers the type of support that empowers you to use your own healing instincts successfully.


The 20th century was full of technological advances that, unfortunately, have had detrimental side effects on our collective health. We continue to demand faster WIFI, faster cures and faster fast food.  Generation by generation, we have lost connection to the food we put into our bodies. And, our constitutions have weakened. We no longer understand our nature-given abilities to heal ourselves. Our children are suffering from this lack of foresight.

Before the invention of refrigeration, foods were naturally preserved with healthy bacteria (probiotics). Factory–made oils like margarine did not exist. Essential fats like butter, coconut oil, cod liver oil and olive oil were consumed. Nothing was pasteurized.

Now, our industrialized world dumps poisonous substances into the air and water. We are exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields from cell phones and microwaves. All of these factors contribute to a weakened immune system that is capable of hosting the autism disorder.

It is our belief that autism is a build-up of fungal, viral, and parasitic infections; vaccine injury; air, water and food toxicity; genetic predisposition and uneducated consumption choices.

We’ve taken the responsibility to educate ourselves about immune development and the mal effects of vaccines on our children through research and contact with experts. We will help you understand the body’s cleansing process. You will discover the tools needed to facilitate your own natural healing. We’ll show you where we found answers and guide you through your research.  And, we will share all of the information we have on effective unconventional therapies like colon and cranio-sacral therapies.

Please allow yourself ample time to soak in all of this new information. Many of us have made extreme diet and lifestyle changes for the sake of healing our families. But, successful healing is a step by step journey. And, remember to consult our message board for support.

Please remember that although there may be medical practitioners on this list, the ideas shared here are not intended as medical advice, and every parent must make decisions with the help of an informed physician.  Because every child is different, each child may need a slightly different treatment plan with differing levels of compliance.