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    I just posted my message in the chat room before realizing that i needed to put my message here.
    I am not totally new to the message board,but new in putting out my question.
    I incorporated the diet a while ago,have seen some great results,speech and behaviors,though for a week now he’s getting more aggressive which i cannot understand why.When i started with CV,he became very calm,that he could sit for one hour of ABA but now he gets really agitated that i don’t know what to do.But he has gained a lot in terms of language,because he was almost non verbal before with few words ( cookie and blue’s clue ).He can identify and label things,even though he’s not calling mum and dad yet but if i asked him he answers correctly.So i need help with him,need to know what i should give him to help his level of cognitive ability,and reduce his aggression.
    I am giving him,Nu thera,folinic acid,vit c,,selenium,cod,pycnogenol.
    He drinks the vitality green,spiriluna,yck,CV,Ghee and i just added this week liquid chlorophyll.
    I believe i’ve listed everything and hoping that i will get help.
    I also have a 12mths old baby girl,she is very sensitive because she turn red on the face even when she’s not eating.She is not on breast milk,i stopped her at 4mths,now on aliment um but need help with her cos i don’t want her to be autistic.she is very sensitive to milk(IGG) and has loose stools when given potatoes so i know i need to be careful with her.But i need help in what to give her in terms of food and supplements,though i add yck in her milk and she loves CV.Hope i will find answers.
    Lastly,thank you Ms Diane for your advice and time on the phone with me.Am also grateful to all the women here,thank you everyone,
    You all help me in getting started that i don’t have to ask any question.One day my son will write his thank you message in Jesus name,Amen.Thank You

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    Natural Calm by Peter Gillham has magnesium in it. Twofold it is the “calming” mineral plus it makes for loose stool. Some use the Epsom Salt baths too. Make sure he gets minerals and plenty of cod liver oil. Looks like you are doing great with the foods.
    How is his & her elimination? If he gets constipated that could put him in a bad mood. The Mg will help with this but start slow, maybe 1/4 tsp at bedtime. Your daughter should be treated the same as your son regarding food. We really recommend the whole family going BED with whatever exceptions are necessary due to tolerances. You’ll all be happier and healthier.
    Do you vaccinate the children?

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    Many kids do well with Methyl B 12 shots. I’d also suggest enemas especially when he is irritable, to help him cleanse. Are you using glutathione? You can get this transdermal and rub right on the skin.

    Make sure they are both getting protein. It doesn’t have to be animal protein, plant based fine too. But they need protein and you might see that his takes the edge off for your son.

    Rotation very important it sounds for both. Make sure you arent’ serving the same foods everyday. I even rotate yck and other “healthy foods.” Rotation was a nightmare, but eventually it will get to be a system and also the kids won’t need it as they do now.

    D3 good supplement to consider, I’m giving 2000 iu per day for my son (5) and 1000 iu for my younger daughter.

    I prevented with my daughter.

    I have to say that as my son got better he did get more aggressive, hard to say what you are seeing over email, but as he heals he may change too. Not such a bad thing. My kid came out of a drug like fog! Lots of changes over the years of healing, but he’s very level now….normal.


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    My son was vaccinated up till age two and my daughter was at two months,the first and last.She had a high fever afterwards for about 5days and we stopped going to see her pediatrician ever since.
    Am giving them the same food but my daughter is still on formula milk,and she kind of like likes it alot,am still looking for an alternative to that.
    I wish i can do enemas with them but am a bit scared of how to do it and more so i have to keep it secret from my husband becos am pretty much on my own doing everything,he does not agree with me on most things at all.But its something i would love to try with them.
    We have tried the B-12 shots and it did nothing for him,he was on it for 36weeks. Most of the drugs prescribed by his Dan Dr did’nt help at all.I think the Diets help him most.
    Am giving them alot of protein,infact my son’s best food is chicken,i get him to eat and drink anything by offering him chicken.
    I will try and get the magnesium from our local health store and they both have at least a BM once a day,someday is twice,but i will want to keep it moving.
    He get very aggressive and engage in self injury behavior like bitting and scratching himself,he even scratch his sis once,and this happens any time i says No to food or stop him from doing something bad.
    I will get the D3 as well,i bought the oral glutathione,still in the fridge.My problem is i don’t know when to give him.Everything seems overwhelming that i don’t want to jungle things up.Will start giving him.Hoping things will get better.
    Am grateful to everyone,thank you.

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    It looks like you have alot of things planned or waiting to be tried. I would sugest you write a list of what you want to try in what order. I have a seperate notebook for each child. When I have several things I want to try, I list them and write the date I will intro. I try not to have so many things “in the works” anymore but that was helpful at the beginning when there were so many things I wanted to try at once.

    Organization helps tremendously. It helps alot to SEE what your plan is.

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    He seems very calm for two days now,no bitting or scratching since i started using the Epsom bath every night and i have ordered the D3 from kirkmans lab.Thanks Wyndie for ur reply but i really do not have anything planned,i just use my mother instincts to give him drugs based on what i found out online since we are not seeing any Dan Dr at the moment,they very expensive.So i give him drugs if i know it will help him and i watch for symptoms.He has some vocal and eyes stimming and this am looking for an answer for.

  • January 26, 2017 at 7:23 pm #78687

    Hi all,

    How you are giving all the supplements to the kid… Because my kid won’t eat food I mix anything…It is like I have to fold her hand and legs to give anything…So I would like to know this please help me

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    Feed on a spoon like medicine… No option. I used to give in apple sauce.

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