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    I want to get started with the BE diet for my daughter. She is 3 year old and have sensory issues and developmental delays. She has speech dealys and  is showing behavioral signs of being on spectrum. I have started her on gluten free and dairy free diet about 4 weeks now. She is very picky eater and have oral sensory issues which makes it hard for feeding or making her eat food that is good for her. She prefers crunchy textures and have very limited preference for tastes meaning she used to not eat anything sour. Gradually i have started her to eat green apples after reading on this website. This is what i feed her on a daily basis.

    Breakfast around 7:30 am: Ripple milk with pinch of turmeric and 1 tbs of organic unrefined coconut oil. (The Ripple milk is vegan, nut free, dairy free and gluten free milk available at Target, it is pea based milk – you can check there website for details)  I use the original flavor milk which is supposed to have less sugar then the dairy milk

    Around 8:30 am:  she eats rice Chex cereal, a baby food pouches (i try to get the one with veggies and less sugar) and some ripple milk

    Around 11:30 am: she eats bhakhri, steamed broccoli, mini cucumbers, and about 8 oz of the ripple milk

    the Bhakhri is similar to tortillas but it is little thicker and crispier, i would say like toasted thin pancakes) it is made of Chickpea flour, sorghum flour, amaranth flour, tapioca starch, xangtum gum and pan fried with ghee

    Around 3: she eats green apples, with baby food pouches, honest juice drink

    Around 5: she may have  another honest juice drink

    Around 7: she eats Quinoa and mung dal made with ghee

    She may have milk if she is hungry before she goes to bed, but this is not always.

    I am supplementing her with liquid multivitamin, liquid iron and fish oil. She is deficient in iron. Again, i have to do liquid vitamins as she doesn’t like chewable or gummys due to her oral sensory issues. She is also allergic to tree nuts.

    I have tried to cut down as much sugar as possible and try not to give any fruits with high sugar as mentioned in BE. Also, i have tried to give her diluted juice (60% water , 15% cranberry and 25% pomegranate juice with the drops of Apple cider vinegar) one time and i think she was ok with it so i will try to give her more of that if that is ok.

    So can you please guide me from what i am feeding her on daily basis, what and how i  can improve and replace so that she can be on BE diet and get healthier.  We are vegetarian and don’t eat mushroom or fish. Also, i give her the ripple milk for her so that she can have the calories and nutrional needs otherwise she would not be able to sustain the energy to get through the daily activities. She goes to a daycare and she can’t self feed with spoon or fork but she self feeds with her hand. The baby food pouches is the way i get her to eat certain veggies or fruits that i won’t otherwise be able to feed her in the raw or cooked form because of her sensory issues.

    Also, can i continue the ripple mik for her for Stage 1? She loves to eat Cheerios but i have stopped giving her that as i have read that some kids also don’t do well with oats.

    Can you please guide me to where and how i can get started with BE Diet for her? And any ideas of what i can provide her for her day care (she is there full day).

    Thanks so much.





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    Hi and welcome,

    Have you received the free starter guide? I believe this will be the best way for you to start. Slowly try to add the BE Foods.

    The packaged milks have a lot of junk in them… cane sugar, gums and that one has even vitamin d2 which is synthetic. Try to find an alternative such as making your own quinoa milk.  I believe Donna even did a YouTube making quinoa milk several years ago.

    Start to replace the sugars with stevia. The water w the cranberry and a few drops of stevia is a good alternative to the honest juice.

    Any packaged cereal isn’t the best but some do use puffed millet, maybe she will like this?

    First step to add healing foods is to start with the young coconut kefir.



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    Thanks for your response Eva.

    Can you please explain how would you know if the vitamins in the products are synthetic? I don’t know about that and want to be careful about it.

    Also, should i be giving her probiotics until she gets started on BE Diet?

    Also, can you please advise where i can get the puffed millet?

    My daughter has sensory issues so it makes it so challenging to get her to eat everything especially when she is at her day care where she has to feed herself.  Can you please give ideas what i can do to replace baby food pouches? I give her for her snack and breakfast when she is at the day care because i don’t know what else i can give her for breakfast that would be filing and good for her which she can feed herself. I think because of her sensory issues, she feels excessive thirst which makes her want to drink liquid more than eating food. Do you recommend anything for that?

    The other thing is when you make the YCK, once it is ready, it is recommened to refrigerate to prolong the use. When i get started with the YCK and if i want to provide YCK for her day care, do i need to keep that referigerated or room temperature is ok? She is 3 year old so how much YCK she needs to have on daily basis?

    Thank you so much.


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    If it’s a processed food and fortified, it is synthetic.

    I would start the YCK as her probiotic as it is alive and proven to colonize the gut.

    Puffed millet can be bought at most health food stores and I think even Amazon has it.

    For now, maybe continue w the food pouches, maybe look for organic with only one food group in it and start to give her YCK with it. Does that sound doable?

    YCK can be stored at room temperature, especially if it’ll be consumed that day.  Most work up to 1.5 quarts a day or consume only YCK as their beverage.

    I hope that helps!

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    Do you have to keep YCK in glass bottle or plastic?


  • March 29, 2017 at 8:55 pm #78799
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    Ferment in glass but I used to pour in a sippy cup for my son to drink.

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    Ok thanks

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    Hi Eva

    a few more questions. While on BE diet can my daughter drink any other non dairy milk? Do you recommend any that goes well with BE diet? The other thing is that i have been adding a little turmeric and coconut oil in her ripple milk now.  Can i continue that when she is drinking the YCK?  I don’t knownif herbal remedies conflicts with the YCK and cultured veggies.

    Also while she is drinking YCK and detoxification is happening, should i supplement her with any vitamins and minerals? My daughter is deficient in iron and so want to make sure her nutritional level don’t drop to low while on strick diet? Do you recommend any electrolyte drink to keep her hydrated?

    I have been giving her diluted cranberry pomegranate and lemon juice for about a week and she had a pretty bad foul smelling loose stool a day ago. I have been giving her lemon water to drink through out the day.

    Thanks for all your support. I don’t know what i would do without it.


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    Oh one more thing.

    I have been using xanthum gum for when i make tortillas with amaranth,quinoa and tapioca flour. Is it ok to use xanthum gum and tapioca starch on BE diet? I use it as a binding agent for the dough.


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    You can try to make your own quinoa milk and add the coconut oil and turmeric to that and see how it goes.

    You could even add some turmeric to your cultured vegetables if you’d like. Melt coconut oil on top of her food too.

    The lemon water or the diluted cranberry juice is a good drink until she is on more YCK.

    Ideally, you want to use whole foods and not flours. Gums aren’t the best but you need them to make tortillas. I would suggest you keep doing what you are doing but plan to remove these for a time once she is on the full diet.

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    Thanks Eva

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