• July 9, 2017 at 10:53 am #78893
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    I am new here. My son will be 3 next week. He has autistic features like poor social skills and he does not speak at all. We are on diet since 3 month. Started with GAPS and for couple of weeks now introduced the 80/20 rule. He eats cooked vegetables, but no green salads and have not introduced the cultured vegetables yet. He drinks cocobiotic with Vitality green, probiotic and Schussler salt first thing in the morning and cocobiotic with probiotic when going to bed. For couple of days he has diarrhea and I do not know what to give him to eat now… According to Dr. N. Campbell I should give him only meat without vegetables till diarrhea stops. Please help… need advice…

    Thank you in advance for replies.

    Regards, Emese

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    enteragram works amazing with gi issues like diarrhea, its done wonders for me and my little boy

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