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    In children with autism spectrum disorder, there is an underlying viral as well as a fungal infection….both must be treated. The BED was originally developed to treat fungal infections and is the most effective program available today for conquering this serious infection. It takes several months of strict adherence to the program to bring a systemic fungal infection under control.

    Research indicates that viruses move from a dormant state to a chronic or even an acute infection very easily when the blood becomes too acidic and when the immune system is weak. An active viral infection can be brought under control more quickly than a fungal infection, but one must adhere to this strict BED antiviral program for at least 4 and preferably 10 days. The viral condition must at some point be addressed in children with autism. Autistic symptoms typically worsen when the virus is active, and this is considered to be a particularly good time to do the anti-viral program.

    The following foods are omitted from the diet:

    all sugars in any form

    grains (even the BED grains)

    animal protein

    nuts and seeds

    all fruits because of their natural sugars, including acid fruits (lemon, lime, cranberry, pineapple, black currant, kiwi)

    The following are the only allowed foods and beverages:

    § young coconut kefir (drink as much as possible)

    § raw vegetables

    § cultured vegetables (cooling, alkaline and nutrient dense)

    § cooked vegetables (especially dark leafy green and sea veggies)

    § Vitality SuperGreen drink with undenatured whey protein

    § Nariwa water

    § apple cider vinegar (about 1 tsp) in 8 oz water. If the vinegar flavor is too sour, add stevia and some fresh lemon or lime juice.

    § raw butter – include only after your child has been drinking yck for at least four days.

    § veggie broths and soups, including miso soup with kombu stock and wakame (two ocean vegetables)

    After ten days gradually add back in the BED grains and then animal protein.

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    So are starchy vegetables, corn and red potatoes okay on the anti-viral diet?


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    am preparing for the anti viral protocol and the plain warrior whey is not in stock right now. What other product works well.

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    I don’t recall Plain Warrior Whey. We used Renew Pro when we used whey but it isn’t required as many don’t handle it well initially.

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    Is it okay tp use chicken stock to make my broth during the anti-viral program, or is it just pure vegetable broth?

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      Is it okay tp use chicken stock to make my broth during the anti-viral program, or is it just pure vegetable broth?

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    Veggie is best

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      Hello folks,

      I just did four days of the anti-viral protocol and the results at amazing even though I was not sure of what I was doing because I do not have any recipe book/ guide yet. I just needed to try something as my son had become so hyper with proposal for drugs by the psychiatrist. Now he is able to sit for 5mins. I can’t wait to get things right and deal with this dragon. I feel the population is knocked down but still there.

      Please help me with Donna Gates recipe. any if her book on menus/recipe. Please.


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    Hi Maureen,

    There are many recipes here in BEDROK you can search and find. Donna has also come out with a really lovely recipe boon you can find on the body ecology website.


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