Children’s Natural Immunity

Whole Foods and Fermented Foods: How Nature Vaccinates Us

Unfortunately, we have moved so far away from our ancestor’s traditions of whole foods and fermented foods and drinks that we’ve lost the understanding about how Nature vaccinates us.

Drugs and vaccines have a place in our lives at this moment in time, but we must stop looking to them for prevention of disease and for answers.

The more we go back to nature and work to master the laws we were given to live by, the more we can prevent autism and childhood disorders. Just like in Nature, when an ecosystem is strong and healthy, everything stays in balance. The negative cannot take over. It is only when the ecosystem gets out of balance that insects take over and plant and animal life suffer.

Our children are providing a wake up call and it is our mission to take action.

Since going back to Nature is not a billion dollar business, getting the word out often results in grassroots efforts, rather than media blitz.

We are very grateful that you have subscribed to this newsletter so you can play your role in getting the word out. Please forward this to anyone planning to have a baby, so we can prevent autism and other childhood illness.

Let’s heed the message our children are giving us…let’s focus on creating vibrant health for ourselves and future generations.

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Our goal, accomplished through funding in-depth research and educational programs, is to provide the nutritional guidance for creating healthy, happy children for our rapidly changing world. We intend to educate parents-to-be and also their supporting community. BEFORE BIRTH AND BEYOND is working to contribute to a bright future for generations of children to come.

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