Wyndie’s Story

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My husband and I are the parents of three children; two had unofficial diagnosis (unofficial b/c we refused to let them write it on their charts) — one high functioning, one moderately affected and a third who at the age of 10 months, exhibited many of the same symptoms as her siblings.

Two and 1/2 years ago, if you had peeked into my house, you would have seen utter chaos: one child shrieking at the top of her lungs while throwing herself into the walls and furniture; alternating this between DAYS of laying around sucking her thumb and twirling her hair, too weak to move off the couch. You’d have heard another screaming his numbers over and over and seeking out any type of dark tight spot to wrap himself up in to stop the feeling of his body floating off in space. And then you’d have seen a third crawling around on her wrists b/c she couldn’t straighten her hands out and gagging if the wrong texture were placed near her. Had you actually come in the house, you wouldn’t have seen one child at all as they would have hidden in terror at the thought that you may actually speak to them. These are only a few of the abnormalities you’d have seen. The wild, crazed (and often vacant) look in everyone’s eyes, the distended bellies, the stimming, the posturing over furniture to ease gut pain, the obsession with certain foods, the lack of any real communication… all these things were just the tip of the iceberg of symptoms that showed children in serious gut and brain distress.

Two years ago, we started biomedical treatment; focusing largely on dietary intervention. Today if you peek in my house, you will see normal child’s play going on. Everyone interacts, everyone plays in age appropriate ways, and everyone makes sense when they speak. No one throws themselves into walls screaming, no one gags if a texture isn’t just right, and no one lies around for lack of energy. If you did come in, you would be swarmed with children who want to interact and talk and be involved with you; telling you about their world, and being interested in yours.
Life is just so incredibly different. Autism is a past-tense word in our house.

We did so many different interventions. Each child required different things, but these are all that we have done up to this point:

Went on a basic candida diet (not BED, just removal of yeast-feeding foods) – saw improvement in focus & eye contact, screaming was reduced (but still there), bowel movements were more frequent (went from once a week to every other day), most of the time they did not have wild looks in their eyes

Heavy supplementation protocols – SO many things were improved here I cannot possibly list them all. Basically we tried to fix any deficiency we could see, plus added any supplements that their tests indicated they needed. Posturing, food and texture aversions all resolved with supplementation. While their supplementation protocols were extensive for several months, they have been reduced and are on just a few basic supplements since focusing on Body Ecology principles.

Gluten removal – completely eliminated screaming, one child who never slept started sleeping thru the night, one child stopped having explosive diarrhea, and another stopped having night time bedwetting accidents, more focus and eye contact, throwing themselves against the furniture/walls was greatly reduced.

Chiropractic/cranial sacral – Did this to keep the detox pathways open as I was preparing them for oral chelation, one child’s pigeon toed walk resolved.

Oral chelation – After third round, one child became completely NT, supplementation to reduce blood ammonia began working in one child (didn’t work that well before chelation), another child’s body could not convert beta carotene properly – this resolved with chelation, salt cravings diminished, echolalia stopped and real conversations started taking place, huge cognitive gains, chronic clumsiness resolved.

OT – gained upper body strength (previously very weak), learned motor planning, trunk rotation & balance improved, all children lost their sensory seeking needs, basic life skills were learned

Neurofeedback – two children lost their extreme anxiety, started understanding jokes and figured of speech, interacts appropriately with peers, lost fear of loud noises

Body Ecology Diet – saw huge gains in yeast control (was not able to accomplish this with supplements alone), one child who had severe malabsorption started to gain weight and absorb nutrients with YCK and Vitality Greens, a different child lost her inability to convert beta carotenes (proof that different things work for different children!), lost some food allergies (one of them being an extreme allergy), more social gains, lost the white coated tongue, lost their cravings for sugary foods, clearer thinking and communication is perfect.

I am sure I have forgotten some things, but those are the big guns we used and the big results I remember from each intervention. If I had it to do over again, I would start with this diet first; then add the others in. However when I started I was not emotionally or mentally at a place where I could handle one more dietary change (at that point I had been dealing with the older children’s ever changing food allergies for 5+ years) so supplements were needed to get ME to a point where I could do the diet. I should also mention I did most of these things with no doctor. My pediatrician was very much against me doing any of this & b/c of that my insurance company refused to work with me on alternative testing, so I found an alternative nutrition coach who helped me get started with supplements and a basic diet and has been with me every step of the way. She actually recommended I start BED when we first met but I was not ready to hear what she was saying. Once I started chelation, I hunted down a doctor who would sign my tests, monitor the children and give RX’s if I needed them. Now I have two wonderful doctors (a DAN! and a chiropractor), but at the beginning it was just me and my coach.

God has given us a precious gift – He gave us our children back. It is my great duty and honor to share with you that autism IS treatable.

– Wyndie