Trey and Evan’s Story

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Trey is continuing to do very, very well. His eye contact is fantastic. His happiness is exuberant. We went to his former DAN doctor last Friday and another mom came into the playroom with her son. Trey was desperately trying to greet this child and make eye contact with him. He has NEVER done that to anyone before. I’m positive the mom thought only Evan had autism. Three weeks ago Trey looked as severely autistic as Evan. Speaking of Evan, he’s continually cleansing – which brings good and bad of course. But he’s handling it soooo much better than anytime previously. The enemas are surely helping with that. Keeping him from getting totally auto intoxicated is something I had never accomplished before BED. He is totally non-verbal (except for the word “go!”) but he is starting to approximate words often throughout the day. He is also more quickly following one-step directions. His response time or processing time has dropped to zero seconds from an average of 5-6 seconds.

But the BEST news of all is their palate changes. I’ve totally taken Shannon’s advice and we already have little boys who eat CVs and veggies at every meal. I’ve added raw butter and even a green drink to Trey who’s sucking both down. Evan isn’t so keen on the green… but we’ll get there. For once it’s nice to have all this cooking be EATEN – not WASTED. So aside from my aching back I’m delighted to have made all this stuff for them. Please bear in mind that Trey only ate waffles, carrots and rice pasta before BED. Evan ate a good variety of foods but had started self-limiting for no obvious reason and was refusing everything prior to BED. These are BIG changes in 30 days.

We did get some stool cultures back from last week that was pretty dreadful in terms of dysbiosis BUT in my mind that’s because the stuff is finally EXITING the colon. Dr. Krigsman had always said he takes that page of info with a grain of salt (my paraphrasing, not his exact words.) The following pages of the test actually showed more gut healing and less inflammation than prior tests.

Thanks to everyone for their support & help. You ALL rock!