Teresa’s Story

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Hi Diane – I don’t think I am going to do you much good with the Clemson study as Richard drank very little of the yck. I loved it but he just did not like it. For him, the cultured veggies and the cultured veggie juices have been the instrument for helping his gut.

We do have a stool test but that was about 2 years ago–basically lacto was at 2+, 0 bifudo. He had e coli, steptococus, staph, an extremely small amount yeast, and no parasites.

We have always been doing something but the major impacts have been as follows:

From the ages of 9-13 or 14, we worked with nacd (National Association of Child Development). Bob Doman’s protocol normalized all of Richard’s sensory systems. Richard had severe sensory integration dysfunction, dyspraxia, and hypotonia. The Listening Program (through nacd) established normalized hearing for Richard. Let me tell you, after his hearing was normalized, he told me that he previously could hear the electricity in the walls. Also during this time period we were doing cranial sacral therapy which did a lot for his high anxiety levels.

At 17 yoa we started DAN with Elizabeth Mumper M.D. He is 19 now. Started doing BED with him. Cultured veggies were the biggie for him. I love the yck but he never liked it no matter what I did to it. But he was drinking the black currant juice. Then we started doing mhbot and we started seeing more detox–boils on his face and lots of zits. At this time we added in Yasko genetics and supplements recommendations to his DAN protocol. Then added in the Usman protocol and got a lot more boils and zits. Then added in minocycline. He had a high degree of neural inflammation. These were the final keys.

For us, it has been a long road with steps backwards. Sometimes many steps backwards. But I know that it was the synergistic effect of all things falling in place. Richard was a high maintenance baby from birth. But at 2 mon.s he got the DTP and polio vaccines. I gave him tylenol before and after the Dr. visit as I was told to. Never knowing the damage that did by disabling his glutathione system. I will never forget the screams of that day. Nothing could comfort him. Then the MMR pushed him right over the edge into autism. So we have always been doing something but it was those interventions above that brought my son back.

I don’t know Dr. Usman but I do have friends who take their children to her and they think the world of her. I know she pushes cultured veggies, BED, kimchi, yogurt. I read Kenneth Bock’s book Healing the New Childhood Epidemics and he included her daughter in his case studies. I think she truly understands the importance of gut issues, gut enviornment, allergies, inflammation, immunity–the whole picture.

Several years ago, I bought the BED book when the new printing was the 7th printing and put it aside and saved it. I constantly purge my closets and stuff but I held onto it not knowing why. Some time passed. It was on a bookshelf when I picked it up, looked at it, and decided we are going to do this next. A friend of mine says there are no coincidences, only miracles. Definitely the case here.

Sorry I wasn’t much help with the Clemson study. It they do a cultured veggie study, I can definitely have input there :’)

As a side note, my dog (wild woman that she is) loves raw butter and is doing well with her chemo and I think it is directly related to changes in her diet (no more grain based diets), EFA’s, probiotics, and CV’s.