Kevin’s Story (Aspergers)

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Our son Kevin was diagnosed Aspergers and is 11 years old. We coasted along for 9 years b/c he is so high functioning, although we always thought something was so very wrong with him besides all the symptoms of autism. He seemed to have something metabolically very very wrong. He was perpetually hungry and the hunger would cause very angry inappropriate (but manageable) behaviors. At 3 we began the search for a doctor who could “fix” him. This took us to very prominent hospitals and very renounced medical doctors, most of whom thought that basically we were crazy and not parenting effectively.

Kevin would not respond to any behavior modification and being the youngest of 5, we knew it was not our parenting. The hunger continued to escalate along with all the HFA symptoms. By 9 years old he was eating as much as 3 McDonald’s double cheeseburgers with fries and chicken nuggets and a coke and in 30 minutes was again hungry and crabby. We were at a loss and began to feed him only fast foods in an effort to keep up.

It was at that age, that he got pneumonia and it left him with asthma and terrible allergies after the illness. With the first asthma attack, we went to ER and were given an Albuterol inhaler. We didn’t know why he was suddenly hyperactive which he had never been and began to run away from home by day and night, requiring police intervention. He started trying to jump out of the car while driving and then out of windows in the house. Life became nightmarish. When we realized that it was the inhaler, we took it away, but it was too late. He was severely affected and could not function at all. We sought biomedical help from several DAN doctors and Kevin only got worse with chemical chelation and supplements became terribly violent and started to have bad seizures, several per day. Conventional psych drugs and tranquilizers almost caused his death, the last attempt at medicating resulted in anaphylactic reaction requiring 911 help.

His recovery began just 3 months ago using the Body Ecology Diet and cultured foods along with coconut and dairy kefir. In this short amount of time, Kevin’s extreme hunger has disappeared as well as the violent behaviors and all the asthma, allergies and seizures. He is not on supplements or any medication, so we know it can only be the healing effects of the foods and the fermented drinks. It is the first breakthrough we have had in 1 1/2 years of seeking alternative help and certainly the best he has been since he was 3 years old. We are now confidently expecting full recovery after such progress in a very short amount of time. Cognitively, Kevin has been tested now at 2 grades above his age grade level and just one year ago when this started, he was at 1st grade in reading and writing. It is truly a miracle.

Kevin’s Mom