Hamud Boys’ Story

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I was very scared to try the raw butter. Now that I have I hope to continue, the improvements are great. Eye improvements, sensory processing, ability to focus and of course to detox the system better. Both my boys are also dyspraxic as well autistic. I had my boys on the YCK for about one month then I introduced the butter from Organic Pastures. Their cows graze on green grass and are hormone free. They have the x factor according to the author of Nurturing Traditions by Sally Fallon. By the second month they were able to consume the cream as well. Yeah! Ice cream was back on the menu! We did try the milk and they both had bad reactions to it. Mostly regressions in speech and sensory abilities.

This I introduced by the third month. I will wait until the end of the summer to try again.

Only through our efforts as mothers and fathers will we be able to see the faces of our children as children we once knew.

Together we can change the face of Autism as we now know it. It takes a huge amount of courage.

Best of Luck to you!

Leslie Hamud