About the BEDROK Founders

Donna Gates

Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer has helped thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune system disorders. Her book, The Body Ecology Diet, was written after years of research to find a cure for her own candida-related health problems. She does radio shows and workshops to educate the public and is well-regarded for introducing Americans to new concepts and insights for using medicinal foods. She pioneered “young coconut kefir”, a healthful, nutrient-rich drink. Donna’s latest focus is on resolving the crisis of our children’s health, and she is committed to preventing and overcoming autism.



Eva started learning about the Body Ecology Diet after years of dietary intervention with several of her children, including one child on the autism spectrum. She found Body Ecology while searching for a better answer for her child with autism. She quickly learned that the healing foods and principles of The Body Ecology Diet were very important for wellness. Her family found relief from many ailments such as eczema, food intolerances, low weight gain, failure to thrive and gut dysbiosis as well as reoccurring infections. The Body Ecology Diet has become a lifestyle in their household and has laid a foundation for health and healing for their entire family.
Since 2007, Eva has been an active member of the BEDROK Community and looks forward each day to helping new parents through the forum. Since 2009 she has traveled for Body Ecology to Autism Conferences and has had the pleasure of meeting and interacting personally with parents. It gives her great pleasure to make other parent’s struggles easier by sharing her experiences and insights. She wishes all children health and happiness and the ability to reach their full potential.

Besides her work with Body Ecology, Eva is an accountant by trade but currently raises an organic dairy goat herd with her sons on their small farm, Dolce Latte Farm, in the South Eastern United States. Her family is active in the American Dairy Goat Association, Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund and they study and put into practice Sustainable Farming. Recently, Eva has launched a line of handcrafted goat milk soap in which the ingredients are not only organic but food quality as well. She does this because she believes what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.